Taking Action to Optimal Health - Part 5

Since I opened my first issue of Ironman 16 years ago, I have wanted to create a body that resembled the men inside. I was in awe at the slabs of muscle and deep definition these men could chisel out of their bodies. Once I began exercising, I realized this whole ordeal took a lot more dedication than it looked.

Taking Action to Optimal Health - Part 4

Have you ever tried to take a breath of fresh air within the city? How about drinking cold water from a tap and feeling refreshed? Ever got a scent of someone’s second-hand smoke? How many times have you purchased processed, refined or packaged food?

Taking Action to Optimal Health - Part 3

It is just about time for summer, and soon we will be dusting off the roller blades and unfolding the Speedos. Not everyone is or will be as prepared as others, as they have been avoiding their fitness and nutrition programs like the photo radar on 14 Street.