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Jason Ste.Marie

Jason runs his incorporation Balanced Energy System Inc. "Best Nutrition" in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is a Natural Health Advisor & Natural Supplement Broker for numerous supplement companies. He believes that the human body is designed to eat organic foods that are free from chemicals. He recommends clean non-allergen foods which when entering the body are treated as an antigen and the body takes necessary precautions to rid them from the body and if necessary attack the invader. Jason also believes in eating foods that "Alkalize" the body and create more oxygen and less Acid or "Acidity" in the body. "Disease cannot function in an Alkaline body, it cannot thrive in that environment."

He has conducted nutrition consulting, seminars and personal fitness training for the YWCA (Fitness on 5th) sport club in Calgary, Spa Lady Fitness centers in Calgary, The Gym, Carnival Cruise Line ships, World Heath Club in Calgary and Gold's Gym Calgary.

Jason conducts nutritional consultations, workout programs, seminars and personal training by appointment only and only trains competitive athletes for events. Please see Contest Dieting.

Jason has a B.Sc. degree in Human Science from AU, received a Food and Nutrition Management diploma from S.A.I.T, studied Physical Education-Fitness Leadership and Business Administration at Mount Royal College and also studied Sports Nutrition in the PFT program at MRC. He is a registered massage therapist (RMT) and a certified strength and conditioning coach through the AFLCA.

Jason has also judged Bodybuilding, Fitness, Fitness Model, Muscle Model, Figure and Bikini Model competitions and has worked as a Head Judge & Judge for the IDFA, NPAA, INBF and WBFF. He was the head judge in Alberta for the IDFA along with his wife and judging panel from 2008-2014. Jason and his wife also presented the IDFA conditioning and competition camps from 2010-2014. He was the head judge in Alberta for the IDFA and has been the Head Judge for all of the IDFA's events in Calgary since they came out West in 2008.

Jason Contest History:

2012: IDFA Toronto Pro Show, 2nd place.

2009: IDFA Natural Bodybuilding "Pro Card" winner. 1st in light weight men and overall Men's champion!.

2009: INBF Natural Bodybuilding Pro Qualifier Calgary Classic, 1st light weight men.

2009: Emerald Cup NPC Nationals: 2nd place bantam weight men.

2009: INBF Natural Bodybuilding Pro Qualifier: 2nd place bantam weight men.

2009: Arnold Amateur: 3rd place bantam weight men.

2007: North American IFBB pro show: 2nd place bantam weight men.

2007: Canadian Nationals Bantam Weight Men: 1st place.

2007: Provincial Alberta Bantam Weight Men: Bi into the Canadian Nationals.

2007: Southern Alberta Bantam Weight Men, 1st place and Overall Men's Champion!

2006: Canadian Nationals Fame Light Weight Men, 2nd place.

2006: Calgary Prairies Light Weight Men, 2nd place and Couples, 1st place

2003: Los Angeles World's Muscle-mania Bantam Weight Men, 2nd place.

2003: Toronto Nationals Novice Men (170 lbs and under), 1st place and Light Weight Men (155 lbs and under), 2nd place.

Please email Jason & Amanda for contest prep, off-season, posing or for suits at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.