Al Murphy emailed me one day asking if I would be able to train him for an upcoming IDFA bodybuilding competition in Calgary.

I asked him to fill out some forms for me and send me a front and back photo so I could have a look at him. I also asked one of my usual questions, “Have you ever competed before?” His answer was yes I placed 3rd in the master’s men’s bodybuilding competition. 

Once I received his information I did remember him from the show (being the head judge for the IDFA) and also noticed he was 77 years old competing in a 40 and older category, a category I would soon be joining! So, I thought to myself, how amazing that this older gentleman wants me to train him but even more amazing at how great he looked. Now at 79 years old and a year of off-season and 1 competition under our belts, we are preparing him for yet another show to take him into his 80th year. If you met Al you would see what type of a “character” or should I say person that he is. He does not feel, look or act like an 80 year old but more that of a 50 year old and it has been my pleasure to work with him and get to know him. But I want to let him tell this in his way as this is “his story”.

My transformation:

It all started in July 2009, with a weight of 210 lbs and a body fat % off 21 that I decided to make the change.  At this time I was getting help from fellows in the gym for exercises and doing the diet on my own.  In the beginning I started to eat less and saw the weight coming down but was not happy with the way I looked.    In December 2009 I met a guy named “Chuck” and with his help I came in 3rd at Masters during the IDFA Calgary on May 2, 2010. My weight was down to 150 lbs and a body fat of 5%. I had fulfilled a promise I had made to my late son Glenn, before he passed on that if I ever got to the bodybuilding stage, it would be in Honour of Him, as most of his life was spent working with him on self -help skills and myself getting in shape for him. (Glenn had a medical – BRAIN – damage when he was born but we worked around that at our home as best we could until the Lord called him home on May 2, 2002 at the age of 27 yrs.)  So the date of May 2nd was important to me and every time I step on stage, since I feel his presence telling me; ”YOU CAN DO IT DAD”.  Bodybuilding is still in my blood and with my health allowing me to continue to compete I can rest easy knowing that Jason Ste. Marie is looking after all aspects for my next show in 2014.