Best Nutrition is now taking on new clients for the upcoming competitions and anyone looking to improve their nutrition and fitness levels through lifestyle.

The human body requires continuous Balance to maintain Health & Wellness. To allow this to happen in the body, we strive to ensure that our Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual states are in Balance through healing and building techniques. We can focus on resistance exercise to strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments, cardiovascular training to strengthen the heart and lungs, organic whole food nutrition to nourish our internal systems and relaxation and meditative techniques to calm the mind and body of Stress. For in this quietness; we can all heal!

Balance: A state of equilibrium, mental steadiness or emotional stability.

Energy: In biology, energy is often stored by cells in biomolecules, such as carbohydrates and lipids. The energy is released when the molecules have been oxidized during cellular respiration. ATP.

System: A system is a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole.

In the human body we have 100 trillion cells and 30 billion fat cells containing 50-100,000 receptor sites per cell, 100 million light receptors in our eyes, 24 thousand sound receptors in our ears, our skeletal system has 200 + bones and we are also structured with 600 + muscles.

We are composed of over 7 miles of nerve fibers, we have 60,000 miles of blood vessels and our body's cells replace themselves every 24 hours. Our body's bones replace themselves every 3 months, our body's intestines replace themselves every 72 hours and the epithelial lining of the small intestine replaces itself every 5 days and is over 20 feet in length.

For each pound of muscle your body contains you can burn 50 calories per day. If you burn 3500 calories you burn off 1 pound of fat. If you gain or build 1 pound of muscle you will have the ability to burn 5 pounds of fat annually.

Laughter, Exercise and all types of Physical Activity stimulate the release of Beta-Endorphins from your brain, which is the only thing on earth that is more powerful than Morphine! Do you have laughter in your life, do you have passion in your life, do you have magic in your life? These are questions only you can answer!

So there it is, you wake up one day and you turn 40, it is inevitable, a natural part of life! Then what happens, things really do start to change in the body and especially on a cellular & endocrine level!

It's called aging and one of the major problems that society believes, that once you turn a certain age, certain ailments and issues are normal and that you should be taking medication to help with them; “because it's normal”. Well the brutal truth is, they are quite avoidable and preventable and it would be great if we didn't know that, however we do! Or at least some people do!!!

The body is not the same any longer when you turn 40 as it was when you turned 20 or even 30 and much less as you turn 50 and 60 and so forth.

Most people are left wondering what do I do. Those people that have an interest in de-aging the body, staying healthy and not becoming dependent on the pharmaceutical industry, will live a long and healthy life. If they choose to learn about what they can do, and there is a lot that we can control and that we can do.

One of my favorite quotes and it is one of my own; "There is no money in Health; The money is in sickness". This statement is unfortunate but quite true, if you are healthy, eat organic foods, detox regularly, drink clean water, take nutritional supplements, do not take any medication, do not smoke or drink or do drugs and constantly limit the environmental pollution and toxic load into your body, take precautions regarding your health choices and are open to alternative ideas and measures when it comes to your health, then you are no use to society controlled by the government and/or the medical industry and they do not want this. This is absolutely not good for them or anyone because it does not create an income for them!

So now you have to make a decision, do you want to become a statistic and be at the mercy of the pharmaceutical companies or do you want to take responsibility for your health and accountability for your life and live a long time and be healthy and enjoy life?

It is actually quite simple and we are going to introduce you to and educate you on how to make that happen very quickly. Everyone is different and needs to focus on different areas in their life to make this happen.

We begin by understanding that each day every one of us are subjected to and come in contact with many different types of environmental pollutants including our food supply (which is mostly genetically modified organisms or GMO's, and foods sprayed with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides), not to mention everything being processed, refined, bleached and having unnatural additives such as food dyes, chemicals and sweeteners like aspartame added to the food, our water intake is full of chlorine and fluoride (including showering in this water and the body storing all of this Chlorine in our biggest organ the skin), breathing toxic air from everyone else's fumes from vehicles. Second-hand smoke and pollution from factories etc.

What we need is what we like to call an “Action Plan”, for you to take responsibility for your own health and your decisions regarding your health and make some positive changes.

Where do we start? An analysis of your body is a good area, having a complete look at your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels in your body!!!

There are a series of testing procedures that you can conduct and we work with Naturopathic Doctor’s that can assist us in finding out how your body works at any age.

We start with the food intake, then we focus on energy levels, sleep patterns, stress levels and then get into hormone, adrenal, and thyroid health.

Once we figure out where your body is at, we can begin to make changes immediately and most people respond very well and very quickly.

It all depends on how long it took your body to get to where it is presently and how much your health means to you. Basically, I’m telling you that the results that you achieve are all based on how much effort and discipline that you set aside for it.

This makes sense as if you were going to apply for a new job because you wanted to change careers or invest a certain amount of money into a new business, you would focus 100% of your time and energy into it so that you have an amazing chance at success. When health is involved, we are seeing that most people do not put in 100% (except professional athletes) until there has been a serious illness detected or they just wake up one day and do not feel good about what they are doing any longer.

So, there you have it! An introduction to your “Plan of Action” and one that works.

Trust me, no one wants to wake up every day tired, no one wants to wake up every day and wish they were more fit or had more energy, no one wants to wake up everyday stressed out and know what they are doing is NOT taking them to their goals!

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